Sarah Swanson desires to positively impact and improve the lives of others, whether that be personally through her products or merely inspiring others with her infectious Southern charm.

Sarah is a seasoned Aesthetic Expert who has established one of the most sought after practices on Manhattan's chic Madison Avenue. Sarah’s unique approach to improving beauty and life is sought after by a client roster replete with some of the most elegant and established of the city's social set including fashionistas, celebrities, financial titans and elegant Ladies-who-Lunch.

Sarah is recognized as the beauty expert for the Bayer Pharmaceutical company and has worked alongside a team of Ivy League physicians and scientists to introduce her proprietary skin care products featuring all-natural ingredients and antioxidants with unique youth preserving formulas. Sarah also strives to stay on the cutting edge of the services she offers as a first adopter of some of the latest laser and energy- delivering anti-aging treatments.

Sarah has been highlighted in several publications online and in print including Oprah, Women’s Health, AVENUE, and Quest. She has been featured on TV on Anderson Cooper Live and as a top pick by lifestyle expert, Lucy Segal, on NYLive.